Throughout my website, you’ll find testimonials from people I’ve helped in a variety of ways. I’ve collated these testimonials on this page too, to make them easier to digest.

“Nirosha has helped me through conflicts with peers and staff members at work. It was very reassuring speaking to her, as she provided pragmatic advice on how to resolve the situation. Speaking with her was very calming and insightful. She helped me see the bigger picture and encouraged me to strive for my own development.”

– Raymond –

“Nirosha has the ability to listen deeply. It is rare to feel really seen and heard, and I felt that with Nirosha. Her intuitive response to my story was ‘right on’. It is a gift to yourself to spend time with Nirosha.”

– Jo –

“Nirosha is so passionate about counselling and supporting individuals in living in a more emotionally healthy environment. I felt safe and able to confide in her in a way I haven’t done with anyone. Nirosha is also experienced in meditation which I have done with her when I have been anxious and feel it’s truly magical… I feel transported to another place and it’s akin to floating.”

– Alison –

“Nirosha changed my life, she helped me navigate through one of the toughest periods I have experienced. She helped me look at myself with a different light and gave me the tools to re-tell my story with a more positive attitude and higher self esteem. I am forever grateful to her.”

– Kirsten –

“Nirosha has helped us to feel more safe in sharing with each other. She provides a structured framework in which we are learning to really listen and share in a non judgemental way. Nirosha also challenges us in a kind way on our unhelpful patterns and doesn’t let us get away with them.”

– Ellen and Federico –

“Nirosha helped me massively through a dark and depressive period in my life. She gave me the tools to be able to handle the ups and downs of life. I will forever be grateful for her guidance.”

– Beth –

“Nirosha combined a unique approach, balancing a structured method and process with deep listening and intuition to help me gain powerful insights related to a tough and long grieving process I was going through.”

– Lucas –

“Nirosha helped me to leave an abusive relationship and slowly to discover who I was as a person and what my needs and desires were. I realised that it was ok to feel angry. I learnt about setting boundaries and taking up space, something which had always been denied to me.”

– Stephanie –

“After feeling unfulfilled with my career, Nirosha helped open my eyes to the possibilities of life. By challenging my thoughts and sharing her inspirational journey, she has improved my outlook on life and given me the courage to start breaking out of my routine and comfort zone tp pursue a more meaningful and authentic life.”

– Michelle –