Symptoms of ADHD include but are not limited to, unable to sit still for long, fidgeting, difficulty concentrating, impulsiveness and talking a lot or interrupting conversations.

It is widely thought that ADHD is an inherited condition and the treatment for the symptoms is pills.

What if ADHD is itself a symptom? A symptom of a delay in childhood development that is reversible?

Despair and what’s considered predestined could turn to hope and self-empowerment

With compassion and curiosity, I undertake a deep exploration with an individual in order to understand and heal the causes that give rise to the delays in childhood development which are often the result of the physical, emotional and mental environment in which we grew up in. Attending to and healing the emotional pain and distress underneath the symptoms of ADHD results in an easing of its symptoms and an increased capacity to function more optimally in one’s life.

“Nirosha has the ability to listen deeply. It is rare to feel really seen and heard, and I felt that with Nirosha. Her intuitive response to my story was ‘right on’. It is a gift to yourself to spend time with Nirosha.”

– Anonymous –