Emptiness and Unfulfillment

Emptiness and Unfulfillment

Have you ever had the feeling of ‘something is missing’? Despite having a great job and family, there is still a feeling of emptiness inside. You may rationalise it away by saying everything is great and people have it worse off but that feeling keeps returning in quiet moments when the busyness stops.

The most important relationship is that which we have with ourselves. The more intimately we are connected to the deeper aspects of ourselves, the less we will feel that emptiness or that there’s something missing. It’s from this space that we can enjoy loving and fulfilling relationships with others.

By fully embodying the aspects of ourselves we love, we can begin to understand, digest and integrate the parts of ourselves we don’t like.

By working somatically, i.e using a mind and body approach along with meditation, we can free up energy, trapped in our nervous system, allowing for a feeling of wholeness to emerge.

It is through this deeper connection to ourselves that we can experience love, joy and gratitude.

“After feeling unfulfilled with my career, Nirosha helped open my eyes to the possibilities of life. By challenging my thoughts and sharing her inspirational journey, she has improved my outlook on life and given me the courage to start breaking out of my routine and comfort zone tp pursue a more meaningful and authentic life.”

– Michelle –