Low Self-Esteem and Self-Confidence

Low Self-Esteem and Self-Confidence

Low Self esteem and low self confidence can manifest in our lives in many ways including bullying, abusive relationships, eating disorders or feeling stuck in our lives unable to move forward. It can leave us feeling not good enough, ashamed, underserving and unfulfilled.

Together with the individual, we enquire with compassion, into the circumstances around the perceived issues. I support individuals to understand their relationship to themselves and life and not to beat themselves up where they have already been beaten and judged by others.

I use somatic based reflective practices to develop their resilience and deep enquiry into their thought processes to gain clarity of mind, allowing for more self-compassion, self-confidence and a healthier sense of themselves to emerge.

“Nirosha changed my life, she helped me navigate through one of the toughest periods I have experienced. She helped me look at myself with a different light and gave me the tools to re-tell my story with a more positive attitude and higher self esteem. I am forever grateful to her.”

– Kirsten –