Grief and Loss

Grief and Loss

We experience grief when we lose someone we love. We also experience grief during times of major change and transition in our life. Grief is a very painful emotion and can be made more painful when entangled with other emotions such as guilt and anger. It’s hard enough to deal with without thinking there is something wrong with us or we are going crazy.

I support individuals through the grieving process by helping them:

• Understand that it’s normal and that there are huge adjustments happening in the brain.

• Develop self-compassion and expand their container to be grounded and present with their actual experience. A deeply painful experience if we can allow it, gives us access to our heart and the love that is there.

• Disentangle and understand the emotions coupled with grief which are usually rooted in core limiting beliefs.

“Nirosha combined a unique approach, balancing a structured method and process with deep listening and intuition to help me gain powerful insights related to a tough and long grieving process I was going through.”

– Lucas –