Physical, Mental and Emotional Abuse

Physical, Mental, and Emotional Abuse

Abuse of any sort is a violation to one’s sense of self and an intrusion into one’s personal space.

The effects of abuse are far reaching and can include, being vulnerable to further abuse, feeling lonely and isolated, a lack of self-worth, undeserving and an inability to form lasting and intimate relationships.

As well as healing the trauma of the abuse using somatic approaches, we explore possible causes and conditions in one’s physical, mental and emotional environment that may have made one more vulnerable to abuse. These could include developmental issues and childhood trauma such as not having one’s needs met as a child. This allows a deeper healing at the roots, providing a greater sense of stability and safety and a more integrated and connected sense of self and self-worth

I also work with an individual’s healthy anger and how it can be used to set appropriate boundaries to maintain integrity and prevent further violations to one’s self.

“Nirosha helped me to leave an abusive relationship and slowly to discover who I was as a person and what my needs and desires were. I realised that it was ok to feel angry. I learnt about setting boundaries and taking up space, something which had always been denied to me.”

– Stephanie –