Anxiety and Stress

Anxiety and Stress

Stress can manifest in many ways such as phobias, panic attacks, PTSD and even as chronic pain in the body. These are all symptoms of a nervous system that is in a chronic state of fear as a result of past trauma i.e a past event/events that were too overwhelming for the system to cope with that the only thing it could do was freeze/shut down to ensure its survival.

Treatment is often targeted at relieving symptoms which often makes one feel better for a while only for the symptoms to return.

My approach involves looking beneath the symptoms to what lies at the root so we can allow for a deeper healing to occur. I work somatically, which means with the mind, body and spirit, and in particular directly with the nervous system to release stuck energy and develop resilience and presence.

“Nirosha is so passionate about counselling and supporting individuals in living in a more emotionally healthy environment. I felt safe and able to confide in her in a way I haven’t done with anyone. Nirosha is also experienced in meditation which I have done with her when I have been anxious and feel it’s truly magical… I feel transported to another place and it’s akin to floating.”

– Alison –