Path to Fulfillment

“Life is never made unbearable by circumstances, but only by lack of meaning and purpose.” 
― Victor Frankl

When you are on a path to fulfillment, you are certain, present, inspired and loving.

The secret to a fulfilled life is knowing what you are most spontaneously inspired to do from within without the need for external motivation or any reward/punishment mechanism. You are inspired, present and certain.

When you are in this state, blood glucose and oxygen flows into your forebrain and you have objectivity, resilience and adaptability. You have respect for yourself and for others. Judgements and resentments are easily dissolved.

Are you living a fulfilled life?

If you experience any of the following the answer is NO:

  • you need external motivation to get things done
  • you seek pleasure and avoid pain
  • you feel you are purposeless and lost
  • you are addicted to alcohol, drugs, sex, shopping, exercise, food or your phone for example.
  • you imagine and create fantasies of how life should be, only to find yourself in the throes of a nightmare.
  • you feel depressed or anxious

Very few people know what brings them meaning and purpose. They live in the shadows of others, in conformity and fear of rejection. They let tradition and convention dictate what they do, and to that extent they become scattered. They move from the executive centre of the brain to the amygdala where they are at the mercy of external circumstances.

Don’t live a life of regrets. Don’t wait until it’s too late. Discover what truly inspires you and awaken the natural leader inside you.

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Peak Performance

Executive Coaching

I specialise in helping corporate leaders and their team, deal with employee issues, increase engagement and maximize their potential. 

I use a powerful tool called the Demartini Method®. 

The Demartini Method is a science-based life changing process, that when applied, expands your awareness and unleashes your potential. 

The Demartini Method® can be used in the workplace to:

  • identify each individual’s hierarchy of values/priorities using the Demartini Value Determination Process. These are what an individual’s identity revolves around and what they are intrinsically driven to do from within, without the need for external motivation (not to be confused with values such as integrity and honesty);
  • increase staff engagement by indentifying their primary motivations (by taking them through the Value Determination process) which allows them to see their biggest voids, and then showing them in an authentic manner how their current role serves them in fulfilling their primary intrinsic motivations;
  • empower staff and expand their self-confidence by developing their reflective awareness and systematically dissolving philias and phobias in a precise and measurable manner, e.g for a promotion or suitability for a particular role;
  • eliminate stress/anxiety that is affecting performance levels by showing where an individual’s phobias and philias are distracting them and pulling them off centre;
  • systematically dissolve fears of perceived weaknesses that are impeding performance e.g self consciousness around video calls and presentations.
  • assist an individual’s return to work more quickly and smoothly, if absence due to stress/depression or a bereavement by using the Demartini Grief process which can dissolve grief in a matter of hours;
  • resolve conflict between staff members or between staff members and management by taking individuals through a process to soften judgements and gain reflective awareness in a meaningful and authentic way, as opposed to merely an intellectual understanding of the issues. 

Dr John Demartini, the founder,of the method, was voted top Human Behaviour Specialist in 2020 by the International Association of Top Professionals (IATP).

Intuitive Intelligence

I also help individuals access their intuitive intelligence. Intuitive intelligence is being recognized by scientists and business leaders as the missing piece for peak performance. It complements a strong rational mind and instills certainty and confidence in your decisions, and empathy and wisdom in your actions.

You may have experienced moments of what is commonly referred to as ‘being in the zone’ or ‘in the flow’.  In these moments time and space disappear and you cover the most distance in the shortest time.

Rather than stumbling into these moments, you can master the art of being in the flow to maximize your growth and potential.

I am offering you over 15 years of study, training and experience in meditation, human behavior and neuroscience in a distilled and integrative form to help you access your intuition, be in the flow and take your performance to the next level. 

“The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.”

– Einstein



Who in your life right now is causing you anxiety, stress or sleepless nights? We all have at least one person right? It could be your partner, a family member or work colleague.

Relationships are the biggest area that causes us distress because we long for connection. It brings us a sense of belonging, safety and fulfillment, thereby reducing our stress levels. This need for connection can be traced back to our ancestors. It’s programmed into our genes and wired into our brains.

You’ve probably already tried various forms of therapy and dialogue but still feel a lack of resolution.

Until you first understand that every individual is committed first and foremost to fulfilling their own highest priorities from which they derive the most meaning and fulfillment, it won’t get resolved.

As you transform your inner world, your outer world transforms effortlessly

I combine the Demartini Method and an understanding of how the Universal Laws play out in any given dynamic, to help shift your perceptions, decisions and actions. This results in a shift in the other person as a new state of balance in the relationship is found. The result is respectful dialogue, more engagement and fufillment.

Everyone wants to be loved and respected for who they are. You cannot love that which you do not know.

Grief and Loss

Grief and loss counselling

Greif and loss is a very personal experience that can be entangled with other emotions including guilt, relief, frustration and anger.

Different cultures, religions and societies tell us how we should grieve and for how long. We identify with these beliefs and grieve in a way we think we should and disconnect from the very personal and unique way it can touch each of us.

Having lost my mother and a best friend, it’s a process that is close to my heart.

Grief however doesn’t need to be as a result of losing a loved one.

We can feel grief when we perceive we have lost something that benefitted us. During COVID-19, we may have felt grief over the loss of a job, finances, a relationship, a holiday or any other opportunity.

You don’t need to live with grief for longer than you choose to.

We are told that ‘you need to give it time’ and so we put our life on hold to some extent until we feel we are ‘over’ it. You don’t need to be at the mercy of the passage of time or of a culture or religion to tell you what you should be feeling and for how long.

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