Nirosha Sirisena

I am Nirosha Sirisena,

I help committed individuals bring wisdom, gratitude and authenticity into their world.

I worked in the corporate world for over 15 years, including at two of the ‘Big 4’ Accountancy firms and the two largest Corporate Law firms in Scotland, so I know what it’s like to feel stressed and have sleepless nights. I know what it is to be a perfectionist while feeling guilty for not spending time with loved ones. I know what it is to just survive; always waiting for Friday night drinks or the next holiday to try and escape from boredom, emptiness and the ever revolving merry-go-round.

Add to that my Sri Lankan background from which there was a lot of cultural and family pressure to appear ‘successful’.

People think you have a great life, great holidays and a great social life but you can still feel like something is missing inside. An emptiness. Yet you do not understand why, especially when life looks good on paper.

I was scared I would never be able to stop running away from the challenges in life (and myself) while continually finding them catching up with me when I woke up at 3 a.m. with stress and worry. I was exhausted and my health started to suffer. 

Nirosha Guru

My gift of understanding and listening was born from being misunderstood.

I was very playful and mischievous as a child, and I still am! I felt misunderstood by teachers and parents, who all but gave up on me.

Yet it turns out that being misunderstood, not seen or listened to, was a gift because it made me want to understand people. I want to see and listen to people. I won’t give up on them.

My gift is understanding people and why they do what they do. I ‘get them’. 

I risked everything in the relentless pursuit of personal and professional development. It took me on a five-year journey to India and Bhutan where I was invited to work with spiritual and meditation teachers.  I also spent time in USA where I was a student of world leading authorities and educators in the fields of human behaviour, leadership development, neuroscience and quantum physics as it applies to the human psyche. 

I studied, I travelled and explored. 

Nirosha students

I made it my mission to be the best I can be and help others to do the same, even though it can be scary at times. I knew nothing was going to stop me.

H.H Dalai Lama said to me in Delhi: “you know more than the guru, it’s all in you; it’s inside you”.

He kept repeating this whilst continuously pointing his finger at me, as I looked at him in disbelief. I eventually realized the truth of his words. I learned how my perceptions determine the quality of my life. It is up to me. That was a powerful realization.  A slight shift in perception can change how I see another person, a situation or circumstance. It opens up new choices and possibilities that I once thought impossible. 

Going full circle

I realized that we see the world as we are and not as it is. There is nothing ‘wrong’ or ‘bad’ about the corporate world. It was my perceptions of it coupled with a lack of wisdom that created the struggle within me. Through a greater depth of understanding, the stress and frustration I had with work dissolved; freeing me up to engage with what I enjoyed about it whilst having the space and energy to pursue what also brought me fulfillment outside of my work.  

Whatever we condemn we will have to learn to love. 

It’s a universal law. I had to go to India in order to realise I didn’t need to go to India!. I realised, in the words of Marcel Proust, “the real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes”

I was brought back from India to love that which I had wanted to escape from for so many years. There is no running away. We will eventually have to return to love that which we fear or condemn. Only then will we have the space and freedom to make changes to our external world, whether it be leave a job or relationship that no longer serve us, or remain in it but find a more authentic and fulfilling way to be with it. 

With wisdom and insight the labels and judgments soften. We can begin to hold any person or situation in our heart with love and gratitude instead of putting them in the pit. We start to see things as on the way instead of in the way to what we truly want. 


H.H. Dalai Lama said to me in Delhi:
“you know more than the guru,
it’s all in you; it’s inside you”

Dalai Lama
Nirosha seat

Deep down do you wonder if it’s just you who is struggling to keep all the plates spinning?

You put on a brave face to keep up appearances. You conform since everyone else appears calm and happy. Yet you fear that you will get found out or be exposed as an imposter. You wake up at night wondering how long you can keep up the pretense before burning out. It’s exhausting, I know; and you can’t see a way out of it. 

Have you lost touch with what really matters to you? Do you remember what you loved to do that brought joy and meaning to your life?

I am committed to helping others bring wisdom and gratitude into their life for more fulfillment and success.

You don’t need to run away or spend 5 years in India!

I am a qualified Counsellor, Consultant and Demartini Method Facilitator with over 10 years experience. 

Demartini Method®

The Demartini Method is a science-based life changing process, that when applied, expands your awareness and unleashes your potential. 

Let me help you.

“Nirosha has the ability to listen deeply.  It is rare to feel really seen and heard, and I felt that with Nirosha.  Her intuitive response to my story was ‘right on’.   It is a gift to yourself to spend time with Nirosha”

Jo. L, Chicago

“Deciding to go to counselling was one of the hardest things to do as effectively you are exposing your inner most thoughts to a stranger! I spoke to a few counsellors on the phone before I decided to go with Nirosha. After our initial conversation I sensed a level of calmness and that it would be good for me to meet her. My sessions were much more difficult than I anticipated as I didn’t expect to feel so vulnerable and emotional after sessions. In all honestly building a rapport and trust with your counsellor takes time and after a few sessions Nirosha was able to break down my barriers. I think Nirosha is so passionate about counselling  and supporting individuals in living in a more emotionally healthy environment. Nirosha is also experienced in meditation which I have done with her when I have been anxious and feel it’s truly magical …I feel transported to another place and it’s akin to floating.

I would recommend Nirosha as a counsellor in that I’ve been able to confide in her in a way I’ve not done with anyone. The environment created is safe and relaxed. Counselling is not an easy journey but with the right counsellor  you can come out the other side.”

Alison. F, Glasgow

“Nirosha combined a unique approach, balancing a structured method and process with deep listening and intuition to help me gain powerful insights related to a tough and long griefing process I was going through. 

Her approach was very different to all therapies I had tried before. In particular I was very impressed with the effectiveness, relevance and depth of the work we did together in a relatively short period of time. I look forward to keep working with her and would definetly recommend her to anyone who feels stuck in life with any issue and is eager to move forward towards a more fulfilling state of being.”

Lucas G, Barcelona

“After feeling unfulfilled with my career, Nirosha helped open my eyes to the possibilities of life. By challenging my thoughts and sharing her inspirational journey, she has improved my outlook on life and given me the courage to start breaking out of my routine and comfort zone.

With Nirosha’s help I have found greater joy and satisfaction in my life. I feel more freedom inside and empowered to begin pursuing what I really want, finding true happiness and fulfillment along the way.”

Michelle K, Glasgow

“Nirosha helped me massively through a dark period in my life. She gave me the tools to be able to handle the ups and downs of life. I will forever be grateful for her guidance.”

Beth S. London

“Nirosha has coached me through conflicts with peers and staff members at work. It was very reassuring speaking to her, as she provided pragmatic advice on how to resolve the situation, as well as helping me to redirect my focus and move forward as opposed to dwelling on the issue.

Having these discussions with her were very calming and insightful. She helped me to see the bigger picture and encouraged me to strive for my own self-development, and not get caught up in negativity.

This has helped to change my outlook going forward, and I feel our sessions have helped me to overcome other adverse situations by having this balanced outlook and energy.”

Richard W, California

Nirosha has been an invaluable help in bringing me to a closer understanding of myself and my relationships with others. Her training and methods have given me the tools to examine my mindset and behaviours, and to help guide myself towards a more balanced and confident outlook towards my past, present and future.”

Nicole J, Glasgow